Multicultural Groups Embrace Multiplatform TV: Horowitz Study


Asian, Hispanic and African Americans who have broadband connections are more likely than whites to own video-enabled handheld devices, while broadband users among these groups also have higher viewing rates of TV online, according to a new study by Horowitz Associates.
The study, which has important implications for the multicultural and multiplatform strategies of multichannel providers, found that 84% of Asian, 83% of Hispanic and 83% of black broadband users could access video on a handheld device, a higher proportion than whites (74%).

Almost half of Asian broadband users (48%) watched TV content online each week followed by 46% of Hispanic broadband users. Blacks and whites reported about the same usage, with 35% of the broadband users watching TV content online weekly.
About 16% of Asian, 22% of Hispanic, 19% of black and 15% of white broadband users watched TV content on a handheld device each week, according to the new study, Multiplatform Content and Services: Multicultural Edition from Horowitz.

An earlier Horowitz study found that Hispanics and blacks have lower levels of broadband subscriptions than the general population, but that these groups are driving new growth in broadband subscriptions. The new study shows that multicultural broadband users are using their high-speed connections to access video.
The new study also highlighted the growing importance of these groups for the "TV Everywhere" initiatives that operators are using to make content available on multiple screens and to strengthen their competitive position against over-the-top video offerings.
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