Multiplatform Usage Soars Around World Cup: ESPN XP Research


Futbol fans are cottoning to ESPN's myriad platforms presenting 2010 World Cup matches and fare.
According to ESPN XP, the sports programmer's new research initiative, those who viewed matches on ESPN/ABC and engaged with three other platforms during the tourney's first three days spent four hours more daily than those who merely watched the small screen.

According to ESPN XP data, fans involved with TV and three other vehicles -- Internet, mobile, radio and magazine content -- averaged 5 hours and 6 minutes with the World Cup from its kickoff on June 11 through June 13. That compared with 1 hour and 34 minutes for those who only watched the matches on ESPN or ABC alone.
TV watchers who added one other platform to their World Cup media mix upped that total to 4 hours and 34 minutes, while those who engaged with two other vehicles, plus TV, clocked in at 4 hours and 47 minutes, according to ESPN XP data.
Although those using multimedia were more deeply involved, almost two-thirds (65%) only engaged FIFA's famed futbol tourney through ESPN or ABC. Just under one-quarter (24%) were exposed via TV and some other platform, while 11% consumed the World Cup solely on some platform other than TV, an incremental audience lift of 13%, according to ESPN officials.
Of all those who consumed any ESPN/ABC World Cup content, 89% used TV, 31% the Internet, 8% radio, and 6% mobile devices.
Over the tourney's first three days and eight matches, multiplatform consumers, on an average day, accounted for 27% of the users, and 52% of the usage of World Cup content.
Through Sunday night, TV viewers spent 4.5 billion minutes watching World Cup coverage on ESPN/ABC. Digital consumers spent 354 million minutes with ESPN Internet/Mobile content, adding 8% to total usage, according to the ESPN XP data.

From a Nielsen perspective, ESPN and ABC netted an 80% audience increase during its match coverage during the 2010 event's first three days, when compared with the similar span from the 2006 World Cup in Germany.