mun2 Heading to Puerto Rico


NBC Universal Cable’s mun2 reached several carriage deals in Puerto Rico.

The bilingual youth-targeted service will add more than 300,000 subscribers July 1 following carriage agreement with systems including Choice Cable TV in Mayaguez, Ponce and Aguadilla; Liberty Cablevision in Luquillo, Caguas and Arecibo; and OneLink Communications in the Greater San Juan area.

“We're very excited about having a presence in this important marketplace," mun2 general manager Alex Pels said in a prepared statement. "mun2 was the first to expose reggaeton music from Puerto Rico, so it makes sense for us to be there, with greater strength and dedication than ever. We're also looking forward to opportunities that exist locally as Puerto Rico's musical influence has become so popular among audiences all over the United States."