mun2 Sets Voting Campaign


mun2 television will launch a voting campaign especially designed to encourage young Hispanics to vote in this year’s presidential election, the network said Tuesday.

The NBC Universal Cable-owned service’s campaign will focus on issues that independent research identified as being of most concern to young Latinos, such as abortion, gay marriage and the war in Iraq.

The campaign includes a series of 30-second public-service announcements featuring young, well-informed Latinos with passionate opposing views on issues, representing both Republican and Democratic stands.

The aim is to educate mun2 viewers on the issues of most importance to them so that they feel better equipped to cast their vote on the presidential candidate who best represents their personal values and interests.

“We want to encourage every young Latino to participate in this nation’s democratic process with a unique voting campaign that clarifies the opposing positions on the issues that are most relevant to them,” mun2 vice president of programming and promotions Yolanda Foster said in a prepared statement.