My TiVo Gets Me Campaign Launches


My TiVo Gets Me is the tag line for TiVo’s new branding campaign.

The effort marks the first work by Kaplan Thaler Group since winning the digital-video-recorder vendor’s account in January.

“The campaign underscores that TiVo-brand DVRs are much more than a DVR,” TiVo said in a prepared statement. “It's smart, intuitive technology with a human touch, so much so that its users often assign humanlike qualities to the TiVo brand. Whatever your individual entertainment preferences are, TiVo understands what you want, goes and gets it for you and serves it up on your TV.”

TiVo added that the first 30-second spot, Baseball, shows an antenna-wearing baseball fan saying, "You know, my girlfriend doesn't get me. She thinks I'm … strange. But TiVo? My TiVo gets me. It knows I like baseball … So it records everything with the word 'baseball' in it. My girlfriend? Nah, she doesn't get me like my TiVo does." His girlfriend then reappears in the background and interrupts with an affectionate, "Honey?" His antennae pop up and he playfully says, "And I can pause any time."

Additional 30-second commercials feature a businesswoman "too busy to focus on silly things," the life of the party "who can do it all," a grandmother "who is watching the most touching movie of her life (her grandson)" and film critic Gene Shalit giving TiVo "two antennas-up."