Myers Polls News Viewers During Tragedy


Myers Reports Inc. announced Wednesday that a consumer survey done online in
association with E-Poll on the day of the terrorist attacks in New York and
Washington, D.C., found that Americans overwhelmingly were choosing television
and cable over the Internet for their news coverage and that Cable News Network
was the first place they would turn for such breaking news.

Based on an online poll with 621 people from 1 p.m. into the evening hours
Tuesday, as the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks were continuously
updated, Myers reported that 91 percent of respondents cited TV as their news
medium of choice, although 61 percent said they also go online for some

Just over 34 percent selected CNN as their first choice among TV/cable
outlets, followed by ABC and NBC (tied at almost 20 percent) and CBS (nearly 10
percent). They were followed by Fox News Channel (8.5 percent) and MSNBC (5.5
percent). CNBC led several other outlets that came in at well under 1

CNN's Web site (33 percent) also dominated the online news sites, according
to Myers' study, adding that those of MSNBC (nearly 16 percent), Yahoo (10.5
percent), (almost 7 percent) and America Online Inc. (nearly 5 percent)
rounded out that top five.