Myers Sees Ad Confidence Stabilizing


Myers Reports Inc. announced Monday that its 'Advertising Confidence Index'
for the third quarter indicated that the media industry's economic slump may
have bottomed out.

The quarterly index is based on a survey of 152 advertiser and ad-agency
executives responsible for media-planning and media-buying decisions.

There has been a slight stabilization of media budgets since March, according
to Myers Reports, which had shown a 24 percent drop in the index between
December 2000 and March 2001.

But 'this good news is moderated by advertisers' expectations that a recovery
in the media sector will not occur for another 18 months,' Myers Reports CEO
Jack Myers, 'and that the overall prognosis for media spending in 2001 and 2002
remains glum.'

The survey showed that the ad community puts the most confidence in the
growth of direct marketing, as well as consumer and trade promotion, he