Myers Sees Advertiser Confidence Rise


The latest Advertising Confidence Index rose by more than 5 percent,
according to the Jack Myers Report's survey among 125 marketing and
media-buying executives.

Myers reported Monday that its February confidence index rose 5 percent
compared with last September.

Looking at traditional media, Myers said, its executives sample expressed the
strongest confidence in local radio's growth outlook.

Spending on Internet banner ads, sponsorships and the like is projected to
increase significantly, Myers said. Its respondents' confidence level jumped 22
percent for America Online Inc., 29 percent for Yahoo! Inc. and 33.5 percent for

Meanwhile, the Promotion Confidence Index showed much stronger growth,
climbing 20 percent in that same span, according to Myers.

Event marketing alone is expected to show the greatest growth in spending
during the next six to 12 months, Myers added. There was a 32 percent uptick in
confidence among the executives surveyed in the past two