MySpace Wave Hits the Summit


Boston -- Marketers who are skeptical of the impact of the social networking site could lose the opportunity to make contact with a user base estimated to hit 100 million by the end of this month. The site’s senior VP of marketing and content, Shawn Gold, told a CTAM Summit audience that base is growing by 2 million users a month. That’s not just teen-agers, either, he noted. One of the largest growing segments is adults 35 and older.

Marketing and content co-exist on the site, because most users see all of it as content, he said. The site has done successful co-promotions with corporate sibling Fox Television, offering users free downloads of episodes of 24. The promotion demonstrated that users would follow up with a purchase of at least one more episode download, he said. Other co-promotions have supported the latest X-Men movie, where users were offered wall paper and other graphics to adorn their pages. That increases overall impressions for the movie because each member page is accessed on average 30 times a day.

Currently, only 3% of MySpace’s content is professionally produced, in support of programs such as Bravo’s Project Runway and HBO’s Dane Cook’s Tourgasm. Promotional pages at the site can turn a program from a one-day event to one lasting three months, Gold said. In response to a question, he affirmed that, as part of News Corp., MySpace would not favor other News companies. “We get lots of revenue from other companies. Even Fox doesn’t want to screw that up,” he said.