N2 Extends Time Warner, HBO Pacts


Time Warner Cable and Home Box Office are deploying N2 Broadband's
'MediaPoint Business Management System' over multiple Time Warner divisions in
the United States.

The MediaPoint system is designed to help cable operators manage
video-on-demand, N2 said.

The system -- which is based on the Interactive Services Architecture open
standard developed jointly by N2 and Time Warner Cable -- transfers VOD content
to cable servers using open-standards-based software and hardware.

MediaPoint BMS automates the process of receiving, prioritizing and
propagating on-demand content at the cable headend.

HBO has already deployed its HBO On Demand service using the 'MediaPath'
content-delivery system at AOL Time Warner Inc.-affiliated division Warner

The pay network plans to expand its use of MediaPath, first at its facility
in Long Island, N.Y., then at other affiliated cable headends across North