N2 Offers ‘Resource Manager’

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N2 Broadband Inc. announced the availability of its “OpenStream Enterprise Session Resource Manager (eSRM),” which is designed to help cable operators to securely share network resources between multiple services such as video-on-demand, Internet-protocol video, high-speed data, and other interactive services.

Operators can use N2's “Any Stream, Anywhere” capabilities and eSRM to share quadrature-amplitude-modulation resources across video servers independent of hardware.

"Some of our largest customers want to purchase eSRM as a stand-alone product outside of the full OpenStream platform," N2 CEO Reggie Bradford said in a prepared statement.

"The eSRM module responds to that need and enables our customers to scale beyond traditional VOD in support of a growing number of new interactive services."

N2 said it is in trials with one MSO for eSRM as a stand-alone product.