NAB 2017: IFC Grows Viral 'Brockmire' Into Full-Blown TV - Multichannel

NAB 2017: IFC Grows Viral 'Brockmire' Into Full-Blown TV

IFC president Jennifer Caserta and actor Hank Azaria discussed the digital comedy's evolution into linear TV series
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Hank Azaria hatched the character Jim Brockmire, a disgraced baseball announcer trying to make a comeback, seven years ago as the subject of a Funny or Die mockumentary, chronicling the major league caller’s crash after an on-air meltdown after discovering his wife’s infidelity.

Fast forward to April 2017, when a more multi-dimensional Brockmire (although just as raunchy and drunk as his digital incarnation) did, in fact, make it to TV – albeit it as the central character of the new IFC comedy, Brockmire, based on the viral short.

“The short was like the pilot [for] us,” IFC president and general manager Jennifer Caserta said Monday. “We didn’t go the traditional route that people in our seats typically go.”

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