NAB 2017: Sling Media Bows SlingStudio

Dish-owned unit intros wireless, portable video production platform that starts at $999
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Taking aim at the multi-camera video production market, Dish Network’s Sling Media unit has introduced SlingStudio, a “professional-grade” portable video production system that will become available in May and start at $999.

Sling Media said the new wireless, multi-camera system enables users to record, switch, edit and broadcast HD content in real time via platforms such as Facebook Live and YouTube, and with a streamlined post-production capability that is importable to Adobe Premiere Pro CC using a free SlingStudio plug-in.

The SlingStudio system requires the SlingStudio hub that works with a free Console app for the iPad. Optional accessories include a battery ($149, for up to three hours of portable power), USB-C expander ($49, with Seagate on board as SlingStudio’s “preferred” storage supplier), and CameraLink ($349), a wireless adapter that can connect to any HDMI-enabled DSLR or video camera to wirelessly transmit 1080p60 video to SlingStudio.

The product intro was expected, as ZatzNotFunny reported in January that Sling Media was developing SlingStudio about the same time that word got out that Sling Media was halting production of the Slingbox, the company’s pioneering place-shifting retail device.

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Sling Media said the system can record, monitor and edit up to four HD video inputs from up to 10 connected cameras and smartphones or other video sources, including PCs. The SlingStudio system relies on a private, “video-grade” WiFi network, meaning that a public Internet connection is not required. Sling Media said the wireless capabilities of SlingStudio eliminates the need for cables, and that cameras can connect if they are within 300 feet of the SlingStudio hub.

Sling Media said SlingStudio will become available next month at B&H Photo Video and at

Sling Media believes its offering will undercut the price of other multi-camera systems.

“Existing multi-camera video platforms run upwards of $5,000 at a market entry point. Where Facebook and YouTube have democratized live streaming, SlingStudio is democratizing the gear that directors need to make those streams great,” Vivek Khemka, Dish’s chief technology officer, said in a statement. “With its accessible price and easy-to-use apps, SlingStudio changes how content creators can think about producing video.”