NAB: Accenture Wants Piece Of Over-The-Top TV Action

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Accenture wants to help build -- and operate -- the next Netflix-style streaming video services.

The global consulting firm is pitching a new outsourced offering, dubbed the Accenture Video Solution, aimed at letting service providers, entertainment companies or retailers deliver both linear and on-demand content to TV sets and a range of other platforms including PCs, mobile, gaming consoles and broadband-connected TVs.

The Accenture over-the-top TV solution is "based on a pre-integrated platform" and supports "all of the most commonly used set-top box and Internet-enabled TV industry standards," the company said. Asked for more details, a spokesman said Accenture incorporates "some third-party capabilities but writes all the code and provide much of the infrastructure support like billing depending on customer requirements," and added that the video solution can work with any set-top box architecture.

The solution is delivered by Accenture's Media & Entertainment industry segment of the Communications & High Tech group. New York-based Origin Digital, an IP video broadcasting provider that Accenture acquired in 2008, will provide streaming and hosting.

Accenture says it can accommodate linear TV; "catch-up" television and interactive VOD; personalization and social media-sharing features; and targeted and interactive advertising.

The Accenture Video Solution was created at the company's Innovation Center for Broadband in Rome, Italy. The company announced the solution at the National Association of Broadcasters Show this week in Las Vegas.

Compared with developing and running such a service in-house, Accenture claims the outsourced over-the-top TV services can reduce capital expenditures by 20% to 30% and cut operating costs by 30% to 40%.

Earlier this week, Accenture released results of a survey that found 77% of consumers worldwide now watch over-the-top video on a PC or TV. According to the survey of 6,550 consumers in seven countries, 85% of respondents between 18 and 24 access and interact with video on desktops, laptops, Internet-connected TV and mobile devices, while 82% of those 35 to 44 do. About 64% of consumers 65 and older watch Internet video.