NAB: Release of Contracts In Merger Review 'Unlawful'

Asks Court to Uphold Stay of FCC Decision on Programming Documents
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WASHINGTON -- The National Association of Broadcasters has told a U.S. appeals court that the Federal Communications Commission’s decision to make thousands of pages of programming contract documents available to third parties in two high-profile merger reviews is a "surprising and dramatic" and "unlawful" departure from established agency precedent that could harm its members.

The NAB on Monday (Nov. 17) filed a petition with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit asking it to grant a stay of the FCC's decision as parties began lining up behind their respective sides. (The American Cable Association asked the court to deny the stay, for example, in a similar petition to intervene.)

The NAB said it is just talking about third-party access to those documents and not FCC access to them, which it has no beef with.

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