NAB's Smith: We Will Help Improve Incentive Auction

Tells FCC's Wheeler Broadcasters Want to Help Achieve Successful Result

NAB president Gordon Smith has told FCC chairman Tom Wheeler that NAB has been expanding its advocacy "towards helping the Commission shape and improve the reverse auction" and wants swift resolution of the issues that prompted NAB to file suit.

That is the one where broadcasters will give up some or all their spectrum and either move to other spectrum, share a channel, or get out of the business.

Smith called Wheeler Feb. 5, a day after Fox and Ion, whose CEO's are NAB TV Board members, Univision and Tribune met with Wheeler to express their interest in giving up some spectrum under the right circumstances.

According to the filing: "Senator Smith conveyed that, following the release of the Commission’s Public Notice seeking comment on procedures for the conduct of the auction, NAB, as well as the other NAB members who met with the Chairman on February 4, is expanding its advocacy towards helping the Commission shape and improve the reverse auction. In particular, NAB hopes to help the Commission ensure adequate broadcaster participation by making the auction as simple, clear and market-based as possible."

FCC officials will be briefing broadcasters across the country about the auction starting Feb. 9.

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