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Kaitz Dinner Raises $1.7 Million

New York -- The cable industry raised $1.7 million for efforts to increase the diversity of executives and workers it employs, according to Glenn Britt, the chief executive of Time Warner Cable. The funds will allow cable operators and programmers to increase the “fairness and inclusion” of their organizations, Britt said. Britt’s comments came at the outset of the Walter Kaitz Foundation Annual Fundraising Dinner. >>>
Baseball Faces Challenges in Drawing African Americans

While Major League Baseball expects fans and viewers to grow in Asia, the league is also focused heavily on driving the popularity of the sport domestically with African Americans, a top MLB executive said Monday. “This is a new wave, and we will be doing a lot to increase our presence in Asia,” MLB executive vice president of baseball operations Jimmie Lee Solomon said Tuesday at a breakfast panel discussion on multi-ethnicity in sports television hosted by Multichannel News. “I think Major League Baseball some day will find that its audience will be migrating in the direction of Asia.”
But Solomon acknowledged that the league faces challenges in the Unites States in attracting African Americans to the sport. With more urban youths drawn to basketball, MLB has seen the number of African Americans playing pro baseball drop from 27% in the late 1970s to about 9% today, Solomon said. >>>
Panel: Cable Industry Must Adapt to Diversity

New York -- The industry’s corporate leaders will have to learn to be more flexible and more adaptable to a growing diverse marketplace if those companies are going to remain competitive in the 21st century, according to several industry executives speaking Monday at the opening session of NAMIC’s Conference. >>>
In Their Own Words: How Kaitz Grants Help a Trio of Orgs

This year, The Walter Kaitz Foundation will offer significant financial grants to diversity-oriented organizations the Emma L. Bowen Foundation, the National Association for Multi-Ethnicity In Communications and Women In Cable Telecommunications, in support of their various diversity-related programs. The grants will be funded with revenue from Kaitz’s annual fund-raising dinner Sept. 19. Multichannel News programming editor R. Thomas Umstead sat down with NAMIC president Kathy Johnson, WICT CEO Benita Fitzgerald Mosley and Emma L. Bowen Foundation president and CEO Phylis Eagle-Oldson to hear about the projects, programs and initiatives for which each organization will seek Kaitz funding. The following remarks are taken from edited transcripts of each interview: >>>
ESPN Walks The Walk, On Screen And Off

ESPN’s senior management holds that a diverse audience demands diverse programming, which, in turn, requires a diverse workforce, both in front of and behind the cameras. The network’s commitment and efforts on this front have netted this year’s Diversity Champion award from the Walter Kaitz Foundation. “[ESPN] has been a strong advocate for diversity and has really walked the walk,” said Kaitz’s executive director, David M. Porter Jr. Network president George Bodenheimer will personally accept the award at Kaitz’s Sept. 19 fund-raising dinner. Asked why diversity is important, Bodenheimer responded: “A, it is the only way to run a successful business; b, it is the right thing to do.” >>>
Bridging The Digital Divide

Rep. Edolphus Towns (D-N.Y.) connects quickly with strangers, whether outside a subway stop in his Brooklyn district, from the pulpit during a Sunday service or simply over the phone. Maybe it's his experience as a social worker, his vocation as a Baptist preacher or just the gift of gab that most successful politicians possess. Whatever the reasons for his ability, it is clearly part and parcel of his drive to promote legislation and policies to narrow the digital divide and ensure minorities are connected to the world at large. Thanks to those efforts, this week Towns is scheduled to be the third recipient of the Walter Kaitz Foundation's “Diversity Advocate” award. >>>
New Opportunities, Platforms on NAMIC Agenda

Diversity 2.0: The New Protocol” is the title of the 21st annual National Association for Multi-Ethnicity in Communications Conference, whose theme revolves around the emerging digital-media space and the opportunities — both on the employment and content-development side — that the category could provide for people of color. “The new platforms are emerging and it’s creating new opportunities in a number of areas in terms of content providers, in terms of new career opportunities,” said NAMIC president Kathy Johnson. “We’re just making sure that we’re prepared on the diversity front, as well, in terms of what those new opportunities are for people of color. We want to make sure sure the industry is prepared and ready for the changing demographic of the consumer base utilizing the new technologies.” >>>


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