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SVP of Non-Fiction and Alternative Programming, A&E Network

WHY WE’RE WATCHING: A&E Network has rung up ratings gains and lowered its median age dramatically, largely on the back of reality fare. Now Dubuc must keep the voice resonating with new series.

HIGH ’05s: “I take the most pride in the fact that we’ve dropped A&E’s median age 12 years in less than two years. Our water cooler series Dog the Bounty Hunter, Intervention and The First 48 earned us double-digit growth in our target demos: adults 18 to 49 and adults 25-54. Our distinctive voice is resonating and younger viewers are responding to our 'Real Life’ brand. We want to represent the best in non-fiction programming and feature docs. Last year, we launched A&E IndieFilms and it’s already a valuable asset, garnering impressive accolades.” (Co-produced Murderball was a Sundance Audience Award recipient.)

PICKS IN ’06: “The flip side of success is the challenge of topping yourself. Through the introduction of CSI Miami, and riveting series such as Rollergirls, as well as fan favorite Dog The Bounty Hunter, we’re going to get a powerhouse platform to launch new series from in 2006. Watch for Driving Force and Gene Simmons Family Jewels to be A&E’s next round of buzz shows, with a decidedly more comedic twist.

MY TIME: “No surprise here: Every spare moment is with my husband Michael and two-year-old son, Jackson. I love to cook — it’s the only thing I can start and finish in the same day. If I could make a career out playing Scrabble on the beach, I would.”