Narad Launches New Commercial Product


Narad Networks Inc. has launched its new “Passive Architecture” product for cable operators looking to deploy commercial services.

The new platform requires only passive diplex filters to touch the hybrid fiber-coaxial network, Narad said, which enables its switched Ethernet overlay to be added transparently to current services sharing the same coaxial cable.

Narad said the platform adds 400 megabits per node in both upstream and downstream directions. Since data flows are switched, only data intended for specific customers are sent to those subscribers, raising the level of security.

The new hardware carries a new pricing model where Narad caps the cost to operators on a per-customer basis.

"Cable operators launching commercial voice and data services often want to keep their residential network separated from the commercial-services network, both in the treatment of capital expenditures and in the use of spectrum," Narad CEO James Norrod said in a prepared statement.

"Operators that are planning for significant growth in commercial services are recognizing the need to go out-of-band to create new capacity on their existing access networks and, with voice services being such a strong driver for near-term revenues, the upstream path has come into clear focus," he added.

Narad said the gear is currently being deployed by several MSOs in North America.