Narad Redubs Itself 'PhyFlex’


Adopting a new name with a new product launch, broadband gear maker Narad Networks this week is expected to announce that it will now be known as PhyFlex Networks.

CEO Michael Collette said the name change is to emphasize the company’s “phy flexibility” — that is, the capability to support multiple physical-transport layers, including third-party cable modems in the future.

“For a lot of people in the cable industry, Narad referred to a very specific solution: fiber to the node,” he said. “Now, as part of this change, we’re going to be more phy-agnostic.” The company’s previous name derived from Narada, a divine Hindu sage.

Collette said the company this week will begin shipping the FTTxSwitch, an outdoor “hardened” device that provides Ethernet-over-coax, fiber and copper last-mile transport technologies.

The switch has been certified by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) as a carrier-class product, he added.

The FTTxSwitch is in various stages of deployment with eight operators: five in North America, including Cablevision Systems; Korea’s World Multi-Net Co.; and two systems managed by Mexico’s InterCable.

Down the road, PhyFlex is looking to support third-party cable-modem suppliers. Initially it will focus on Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) and HomePNA-over-coax technologies for extending the fiber network to small network groups, such as in multidwelling-unit buildings.