Nat Geo Explores New Series


National Geographic Channel heralded two new primetime series Monday
afternoon, while its flagship news program picked up a heralded honor.

On Oct. 5, NGC will debut Kratt Brothers: Be the
, then follow up with the premiere of Worlds Apart the
following night. Be The Creature features Martin and Chris Kratt on the
trail of unique animals with minimalist survival gear.

The brothers Kratt have
built up a TV following since the mid-1990s with their previous series,
Kratts' Creatures and Zoboomafoo for public TV.

Worlds Apart documents one American family's existence with a family in a
remote village of Kenya.

Life in the suburbs for the Palmer family, in the
premiere episode, becomes life in mud and goatskin huts belonging to the Orguba

Forthcoming episodes will bring families face-to-face with people in
Ghana, Ecuador and Siberia. NGC is still inviting other families
to participate in Worlds Apart
through applications provided at the service's Web site (

Elsewhere, National Geographic Today
earned four CINE Golden
Eagle Awards for several segments appearing last year:

  • Flashpoint Afghanistan (investigative
  • Liquid Planet and Vanishing Giants (environment/natural science news)
  • Messenger from Russia (arts).

Golden Eagle is the annual awards for nontheatrical film and videos from
CINE, a consortium of business, education and government organizations.

National Geographic Today, hosted by Laura Greene,
appears twice nightly on the network, at 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. EST.