Nat Geo Gala was Celebration for All


To the Editor:

I am sincerely disappointed with Multichannel News'
coverage [Through the Wire, Jan. 15] of the launch of the National Geographic Channel and the Heroes of the Planet gala on Jan. 7, sponsored in part by the Ford Motor Company. The negative portrayal of that event, even done tongue-in-cheek, comes as a complete surprise to the five staff photographers and the host of freelancers, including myself, who were in attendance. Those of us who were there enjoyed ourselves immensely and were proud to be included in the celebration.

At no time-before, during or after the event-did anyone identifying himself as a reporter ask me my views. That is why I was startled to see a quote attributed to me, not by name, but by implication, as I am the only photographer assigned to the National Geographic's coverage of Marco Polo.

The National Geographic Society publishes the only magazine in the world that literally goes to the ends of the earth to produce stories with the highest quality photography and writing that help define the human experience. In striving to fulfill this mission, the Geographic is unstinting in its efforts, including the financial support for all the projects it undertakes. I have never been anything but appreciative of this support and that of groups like the Ford Motor Company, whose generous gifts help make possible our continued work. Any implication to the contrary is inappropriate.

Michael Yamashita Michael Yamashita, Inc.