Nat Geo Sets Doomsday Specials

Three December Specials Explore End Of The World Scenarios

National Geographic Channel in December will air three specials that explore theories surrounding the end of the world.

On Dec. 2, the network will premiere Evacuate Earth, which examines how humankind could cope if we had to start over again, said network officials. The next night, Nat Geo will debut The Mayan Apocalypse 2012, which will reveal how the ancient Mayan prophesy regarding the end of the world has spawned survival communities in which people hoard food and supplies; and Maya Underworld, in which journalist Diego Buñuel searches through underwater Maya tombs to unearth new revelations about the predicted Mayan apocalypse date of Dec. 21, 2012, said network officials.

The specials will follow the Nov. 13 second-season premiere of the network’s most-watched original series, Doomday Preppers, which chronicles families that are preparing for the world’s end.