National Show Floor Sold Out


Washington -- The show floor at next month’s National Show in San Francisco is effectively sold out, an industry first, a National Cable & Telecommunications Association official said Friday.

The NCTA has sold 189,000 square feet, up 13% from last year’s show in New Orleans.

The cable trade group has just 5,000 square feet left to sell, “which is almost nothing. It’s a postage stamp on the floor,” vice president of industry affairs Barbara York told reporters at NCTA headquarters here.

High demand for floor space, she added, meant that “de facto, the show would be the first show ever to sell out.”

The 2005 show runs April 3-5 at the Moscone Convention Center. The NCTA decided to trim this year's show by one day.

“We decided to knock off a day,” Comcast Corp. chief operating officer and NCTA convention chairman Steve Burke said. “It will be interesting to see how that looks and feels to everyone. My sense is that if you make it shorter, but it’s higher-octane, you deliver as much information and people will feel this is worthwhile, and they’ll be able to get back to their homes and families a day earlier.”