National Show Prompts Vendor News


A slew of vendors made announcements on the eve of The National Show in Chicago, including Digeo Inc. and Broadbus Technologies.

Digeo said it plans to bring its Moxie media center platform into compliance with the cable industry'ps OpenCable application platform. Digeo chief executive Jim Billmaier said the company already is running a Java Virtual Machine on its Moxi platform and is testing other Java applications. Digeo plans to support the programming interfaces necessary to host OCAP monitor applications.

Only Charter Communication Inc. has committed to buying any Digeo product. Digeo said it will unveil its expanded family of media centers here at the National Show.

On the VOD server front, Broadbus is unveiling its B-1, DRAM-based video server. The server can scale to 80 gigabits through independent Gigabit Ethernet ports, allowing MSOs to deliver 19,200 MPEG-2 streams per server simultaneously. While it's streaming, the server can ingest hundreds of channels of both "live" and pre-recorded content, Broadbus said.

Broadbus executives said streaming from solid-state DRAM, as opposed to hard drives, will allow operators to save money and headend space, while increased their overall streaming and ingestion capacities.

Artel Video Systems is weighing in with its VSGx and VSGm VOD transport products. The VSGx is a gigabit Ethernet transport system, while the VSGm is a passive dense wave division multiplexing platform.

BigBand Networks Inc. plans to demonstrate its edge processing for HDTV content on VOD systems, showcasing QAM modulation and RF upconversion of GigE-delivered HD product.