NATOA Forms New Council


The National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors is forming an Industry Advisory Council to take on dispute between telecom companies and local regulatory authorities from throughout the U.S.

Among the early issues to be tackled by the committee — comprised of executives from both sides — will be customer-service standards, pole-attachment agreements and the management of public rights of way, NATOA said.

"We are excited about this great opportunity to facilitate solutions to industry versus government problems, or at least better educate both groups on the most critical aspects of those problems," said NATOA president Ron Mallard, director of the Department of Telecommunications & Consumer Services for Fairfax County, Va.

Any company that provides video, voice or data services via a wired or unwired network can seek membership in the advisory council. Members will need to be approved by NATOA's board of directors.

NATOA members, set to meet this week in Miami, Fla., will provide details on the committee during a Sept. 10 conference call.