NATOA Pulls Plug on Industry Council


The National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors has
pulled the plug on an industry council designed to improve relations between
local government and business.

The Industry Advisory Council, launched in September, fell apart due to the
lack of interest among some segments of the cable and telecommunications

Denise Brady, NATOA's current president, said Tuesday: 'We commend the
foresight of companies such as AT&T Broadband, Comcast [Corp.], Cox
Communications [Inc.] and WideOpenWest [LLC]. Those companies know well and
understand the value of working with local governments, and they were the first
to come to the table.'

She added, 'It is unfortunate that we are unable to sustain the full scope of
the program planned without greater participation from other industry

NATOA did not name firms that declined to participate. But the association
said those companies cited cost concerns for not joining the