NATPE 2012: Matt Weiner Waxes on Capturing Real Life, What Ifs, Why HBO Passed on 'Mad Men'


Matt Weiner, creator-exec producer of AMC's Mad Men and 2012 NATPE Brandon Tartikoff Legacy Award honoree, thinks HBO passed "hundreds of times" on his Mad Men pitch because he was simply unproven at the time.

"They were not interested in it because they had an agenda about more proven people, so they had no interest in me," Weiner told B&C contributing editor Paige Albiniak during a Q&A at NATPE in Miami Wednesday morning, pointing out that David Chase had a 30-year career under his belt before creating Sopranos and Six Feet Under's Alan Ball had just won an Oscar for American Beauty. "Everyone who was there who passed on the show has been fired -- but I didn't wish that on them. ‘Whatever happens' is always better. I believe that. Look at where I am."

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