NATPE Survey: More Scripted TV Is Coming

Streaming Services Will Lead The Way, Responders Say

Even with the current bumper crop of scripted programming on TV, and potential cutbacks in production spending ahead, a majority (54%) of the members of the National Association of Television Program Executives who answered a survey said they believe the number of scripted shows on TV will increase over the next two years.

They also believe the quality of scripted shows will increase (47% agree) and that production budgets will decline (45%).

A bigger majority (75%) believe the increase in new scripted shows will be led by streaming services including Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and Hulu. 

This is the first of a series of surveys of its members NATPE plans to release. The organization, which promotes the content development, sales and marketing sectors, said 58% of members who responded to the survey think marketing and promotion is more important to driving viewer tune-in than such factors as the reputation of the cast or creators or the platform.

“This survey of our members’ opinions reveals that content creators and providers believe that the proliferation of scripted content is not slowing over the next two years,” NATPE CEO Rod Perth said in a release about the survey. “Future surveys will deal with content-related subjects like advertising and virtual reality, among other issues. These surveys are part of an expanded initiative to further enhance the services NATPE provides to our membership.” 

The online survey was conducted by Leflein Associates for NATPE in mid September. The annual NATPE Miami Market and Conference will be held in Miami Beach, Fla., Jan. 19-21.