NBA Cable Ratings Up Across the Board


National Basketball Association ratings are rolling on cable.

While Turner Network Television, ESPN and ESPN2 are posting double-digit gains in household and demos, TNT holds the early-season edge.

Measuring 18 games through Dec. 18, the drama network notched a 1.6 household average, according to Nielsen Media Research data. That represented a 33% leap from the 1.2 TNT averaged for the same number of contests at this point in last season.

TNT's demo growth was even more robust: 47%, 51% and 57% rises against males 18-34, 18-49 and 25-54, respectively.

ESPN, meanwhile, recorded a 15% increase to a 1.5 household rating for 25 games through Dec. 19, from a 1.31 for 27 matchups at this stage of the season a year ago.

ESPN2 improved 11% on a household basis to a 0.52 for four games compared with a 0.47 for six cablecasts last year.

Demographically, ESPN was off 4% among men 18-34 but registered amelioration with males 18-49 (11%), 25-54 (23%) and 55-plus (14%).

ESPN2 was up across the board with men: a 7% gain among the younger ones, 13% with the 18-49 group, 18% among the 25-54 crowd and 17% with the senescent set.