NBA Digital’s New Coach


Turner Sports senior vice president of strategy, marketing and
promotions Christina Miller is making a fast break to head
up Turner’s NBA Digital properties, overseeing the day-to-day
operations of NBA TV, the “NBA League Pass” out-of-market
package and, as general manager of NBA Digital.
Miller spoke to Multichannel News programming editor R. Thomas Umstead
about her plans as GM, the league’s broadband and wireless businesses, and
the effects of the pro hoops league’s ongoing labor strife.

MCN: In looking at the NBA digital
portfolio, tell me what you believe are
the strengths and value the portfolio
brings, not only to
cable operators, but to
fans of the NBA.

Christina Miller: I
think that the NBA
portfolio is second
to none and building
off of strength
when you look at the
record-breaking performances
we had
this year, from our
regular-season and
playoff numbers. A
lot of what we do going
forward will be
building on those assets
and looking at the
marketplace to see
where the fans are going
and what they want and how we
can bring more of that to them in a
meaningful way throughout the collection
of assets.

MCN: What changes, if any, will you
look to make with NBA TV and

CM: With NBA TV, we’ve been spending
the last two years building a solid
foundation, and now it’s about how
we build around franchises like Fan
and the game nights, and [how
we] support the season all year long.
We’ve done a great job of delivering
league news and information in a highengagement
way and creating product
socially around that. I think those are
the kinds of activities you’re going to
see more of — tighter integration between
TV and digital, as products, to
engage NBA fans.

MCN: Do you foresee an expansion of
the NBA League Pass digital package
to allow for more portability on nontelevision

CM: I will reserve the right to table that
answer, but what I will say is that from
a corporate and league standpoint we
want to engage fans
everywhere they are.
We want to make
sure they can interact
with the game
and the players in the
way that they want,
both socially and on a
game level.

MCN: You’re coming
into your position
as the league is in
the middle of a labor
dispute between owners
and players. Has
the league’s current
lockout infl uenced
your game plan, in
terms of how you
want to proceed with the NBA Digital

CM: I think we’re taking all the necessary
variable factors into consideration;
I think that’s a standard course
of business in this case. Having just
come on board. I don’t want to speak
out of turn, especially just when I’m,
truthfully, gathering all the information
and facts that I need coming into
the position.

MCN: Anything further you’d like to
add with regards to your new position
at NBA Digital?

CM: I think, for me, it’s just general excitement.
I do believe that NBA Digital
has done an amazing job, and this
is a great year to be part of it. Th is is
an opportunity to go deeper on something
that is an exciting property that
has been successful to date, although I
think for me it’s really all about how we
continue to drive innovation and that
success. Engagement with the fans is at
the heart of what we want to provide as
part of NBA Digital.