NBC Cable Unveils Hispanic Push


NBC Cable Networks announced Tuesday that it has sent affiliates marketing
materials for "Mas," a new branding campaign designed to help cable operators
sign and retain Hispanic subscribers.

The campaign, launching Sept. 22, will be themed, "Quiero Mas, Quiero Cable"
("I want more, I want cable"), NBC Cable vice president of marketing Lynette
Pinto said.

Commercials will air on both Telemundo (broadcast) and mun2 (cable) during
what NBC Cable has dubbed "Hispanic Cable Week." The timing was chosen because
"National Hispanic Heritage Month" runs Sept. 15-Oct. 15.

Three spots will air in Spanish and English, with the Hispanic versions due
on the bilingual mun2 network.

One spot will tout the fact that "Cable gives us more, like super-fast
Internet access that lets you send and receive photos and video." A second spot
will say, "Cable gives us more -- more channels, perfect picture quality and
more choices for the whole family," while the third will point out that cable's
monthly subscription price is "much less than what it would cost to take the
whole family to the movies."

NBC Cable will spend "close to $1 million" on the creation and implementation
of this campaign, senior VP of marketing Mark Hotz said.

Blacno & Lorenz is the agency.