NBC: Local Olympics Sales 70% Sold


The Winter Olympic Games seem headed for a gold-medal finish for CNBC and
MSNBC affiliates, according to NBC Cable Networks vice president of affiliate ad
sales and promotion Brian Hunt.

With the Games from Salt Lake City less than one month away from their Feb. 8
start, NBC Cable affiliates' local Olympics avails, on average, were about 70
percent sold entering this week, Hunt said during a conference call Monday.

He added that he could not offer any dollar estimate.

He noted, though, that NBC Cable affiliates in such winter- or mountain-state
markets as Salt Lake City, Denver and Minneapolis have been 'pretty much sold
out' for the past month or so.

Even better, he said, affiliates in markets beyond where winter sports
typically score well have also seen sales move briskly.

He attributed the Winter Olympics sales' success thus far to the upsurge in
patriotism that's been visible in the United States since the terrorist attacks
Sept. 11.

Moreover, he pointed out that the last Winter Olympics to be staged in this
country was in Lake Placid, N.Y., in 1980.