NBC Sports Group Expands Fight Night Series


The NBC Sports Group has renewed its position in the boxing ring, committing to a second season of Fight Night.
The programmer will partner again with Main Events and Hall of Fame matchmaker, J. Russell Peltz, on a multi-promoter strategy, expanding its telecast roster from six to as many as 16, including the possibility of a pair on broadcast network NBC. Designed to produce the best quality fights, the collaboration allows any promoter the opportunity to get their boxers involved in these programs and allows viewers the ability to see matchups that would not otherwise take place.
The NBC Sports Network will continue to use its all-access Fight Night 36 series to complement the Fight Night telecasts. In 2012, individual Fight Night 36 episodes featured fighters Zab Judah and Eddie Chambers. The collaboration allows fans a unique opportunity to go behind-the-scenes prior to each fight and see how the boxers train, spend time with their family and interact with fans.
As part of the agreement, an additional Fight Night telecast has also been added to the 2012 calendar. The show will air Dec. 22 on NBC from 4 p.m.-6 p.m. (ET). The fight card will be announced at a later date.
"Fight Night has been a tremendous success. The unique approach to have multiple promoters competing to put fights on the NBC Sports Network has allowed us to produce compelling match-ups and incredibly exciting shows." said Jon Miller, president of programming, NBC Sports and NBC Sports Network, in a statement. "The NBC Sports Group is committed to the property and we are looking forward to expanding the series from six telecasts to up to 16."