NBC U in Control of MSNBC


NBC Universal has acquired a controlling interest in MSNBC and an option to acquire 100% of the network within two years under terms of a restructuring with Microsoft Corp., announced Friday.

The two companies also reaffirmed their commitment to MSNBC.com (www.msnbc.msn.com).

“Acquiring a controlling interest in MSNBC will allow us to fully integrate the channel into our news operations and our overall cable platform,” NBC News president Steve Capus said in a prepared statement.

“MSNBC is a critical component of NBC News' success, and it has made some key viewership gains in recent months," he added. "Our partnership in the nation's leading cable and broadcast news Web site, MSNBC.com, keeps us on the leading edge in the online world. This combination of assets is unrivaled in network news, and we look forward to continuing a productive relationship with Microsoft for many years to come.”

Microsoft corporate vice president Bruce Jaffe added, “Together, Microsoft and NBC Universal have grown MSNBC.com to the No. 1 news site. We are totally committed to taking MSNBC.com to even higher levels of success through our unparalleled marriage of technological innovation and news content.”