NCC, Meredith Launch 'Your Vote' VOD Package

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NCC Media has formed a collaborative content partnership with Meredith Video Studios around the launch of a new political-themed VOD programming package called "Your Vote."

The effort will deliver custom video segments covering critical political issues via cable operators' free on-demand platforms, the companies said. Your Vote programming will be found in the new My Government on Demand channel, the cable industry's voter resource that delivers topical political content, constituent communications from elected officials, and in-depth campaign messages from candidates and issue advocates to American voters.

Programming segments, produced by Meredith Video Studios, cover topics relevant to the political process. These include reports on voter registration, the importance of the 2010 election cycle, the political parties and how they shape elections.

"Working together with Meredith Video Studios, Your Vote demonstrates the cable industry's commitment to covering the political process in a non- partisan fashion on behalf of subscribers," Andrew Capone, NCC Media senior VP of marketing and business development, said in a release. "And My Government on Demand is yet another way that the cable industry is building strong momentum for advanced digital political advertising and communications campaigns."

Julie Auclair, a veteran news reporter and anchor, is the main host of Your Vote segments. Celeste Ford, a political reporter for more than 20 years with ABC-TV and other news outlets, will produce, write and provide critical research. A panel of experts will provide commentary and perspective on each subject in the series.

My Government on Demand is currently being launched across all major cable operators, with a potential reach of more than 30 million digital cable homes.

"Meredith Video Studios has set the industry standard in delivering important information to consumers on multiple media platforms," Kieran Clarke, EVP of Meredith Video Studios, said in the release. "Adding ‘Your Vote' to Meredith's line-up will help make our content even more relevant to viewers."