NCTA Backs New Classroom Mission


Cable in the Classroom Wednesday released a new strategic plan for the
nonprofit education group, which received unanimous support from the boards of
CIC and the National Cable & Telecommunications Association Tuesday.

The new mission statement follows a six-month review process, which began
shortly after CIC appointed Peggy O'Brien as executive director last summer.

O'Brien said CIC's new mission is more firmly rooted in education than it had
been in the recent past.

In talking with members of both the cable industry and the education
community, CIC found that the organization was perceived as an education outlet
by cable and as a cable entity by the education universe, O'Brien said.

'Our challenge was to find the places where we overlap,' she added.

In addition to finding common ground where cable and education interests
meet, the primary new goals of CIC include: becoming the cable industry's
primary source of education knowledge; giving renewed focus to cable's
commitment to provide free cable service and commercial-free programming to
schools; highlighting the industry's role in providing broadband technology to
schools; creating regional product demonstrations to showcase cable's
technology; and sharing CIC's story with educators, students and