NCTA Backs Telemarketers


The National Cable & Telecommunications Association filed comments
with the Federal Trade Commission Monday asking for cable-friendly
clarifications to a proposed national consumer 'do-not-call list.'

A number of states already have such lists, which require that telemarketers
refrain from phoning anyone who requests that their names be added to the

The NCTA argued that the FTC's proposal fails to exempt companies with
established business relationships with consumers. Without such an exemption,
cable operators would have a difficult time pitching new services, such as
high-speed Internet and high-definition television, to existing subscribers, the
association said in its filings.

Cable companies also use phone contact as an element of
customer service, checking in with new digital-cable or high-speed Internet
subscribers to ensure that their new products meet expectations, the NCTA said.

'The NCTA urges the FTC . not to disrupt the free flow of communication
between businesses and their customers,' the cable trade group said in its