NCTA: Broadband Subs Up in 2Q

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The cable industry maintained solid growth in broadband services during the
second quarter despite recent economic uncertainties, according to a survey of
National Cable & Telecommunications Association members.

The number of units of new digital-broadband services grew by nearly 2
million during the period.

Digital-cable customers totaled 16.8 million at the end of the quarter.
Broadband Internet-access customers grew to 9.2 million. And customers for
cable's competitive local telephone service increased to 2.1 million.

More than 912,000 new high-speed cable-modem subscribers signed up for the
service during the quarter, comparable with second-quarter-2001 growth. The
total number of cable-modem subscribers has grown more than 67 percent since the
same period last year.

Also according to the NCTA survey, 890,000 new customers signed up for
digital-video service during second-quarter 2002, bringing the total number to
16.8 million -- more than 37 percent growth since second quarter 2001. Nearly 25
percent of U.S. cable customers now subscribe to digital-video services.

Additionally, 190,000 residential customers selected cable's competitive
telephone service during second-quarter 2002, bringing the total number of
cable-phone customers to 2.1 million. The number of cable phone customers has
increased more than 53 percent since the second quarter of