NCTA: Cable at 76% Market Share


Incumbent cable operators' share of the pay TV market continued to decline
over the past 12 months, according to the National Cable &
Telecommunications Association.

In a federal filing Monday, the trade group said incumbent cable MSOs served
76 percent of the pay TV market as of last month, compared with 77 percent in
June 2001.

Citing Nielsen Media Research, the NCTA said 94 million households subscribe
to cable, direct-broadcast satellite, or some other
multichannel-video-programming provider.

The NCTA forwarded the market share data to the Federal Communications
Commission as part of the agency's annual report to Congress on the state of
competition in the cable industry.

The NCTA noted that since 1994, the DBS industry has captured 18 million pay
TV subscribers, requiring cable operators to spend $65 billion to upgrade their
wires for digital TV, high-speed data and, in some cases, local phone

Arguments that cable possesses a dominant share of the pay TV market, the
trade group said, 'are fundamentally flawed and it's time, once and for all, to
put them to rest.'