NCTA: Cable HD Markets on the Rise


Cable operators are closing the HDTV gap, with 83 of the top 100 designated
market areas in the United States now sporting high-resolution TV offerings from
at least one MSO, according to the National Cable & Telecommunications

The NCTA announced that as of Sept. 1, 60 million U.S. TV households are
passed by cable systems offering HDTV service -- a 60% growth rate since
January. That includes 19 of the top 20 DMAs and 39 other markets below the top

In all, there are now 122 DMAs with HDTV cable service out of 210 markets

The number of local broadcasters transmitting in digital also has increased,
from 190 in June to 231 now.

"The steady growth in HDTV deployment will speed our nation’s transition from
analog to digital TV," NCTA president and CEO Robert Sachs said in a release.
"Once consumers experience the superior picture quality and fantastic sound of
HD, they want the product in their homes."