NCTA To FCC: No Email Mandates, Please


Washington – The cable’s industry largest trade group is opposed to rules that would require Internet Service Providers to forward email to the new email address of a former customer for a period of six months.

The National Cable & Telecommunications Association said such rules were unnecessary, expensive, and beyond the regulatory authority of the Federal Communications Commission to impose.

“Not only is the requested rule unnecessary, it is fundamentally at odd with the ‘hands off’ approach that Congress has established for the Internet and Internet-based services and the [FCC] has followed as a matter of course for decades,” NCTA said in a Nov. 26 FCC filing.

Proponents of an email forwarding mandate compared it to regulations that require telecommunications carriers to allow consumers to retain their phone numbers when switching carriers. But NCTA said the analogy was inapposite because email addresses are far more plentiful than telephone numbers, whose distribution is controlled by regulated telecommunications carriers.