NCTA Launches New Cable Branding Campaign


The National Cable & Telecommunications Association has launched a new branding campaign to promote cable as a bundled service, rather than a video provider to TV sets.

The theme is "Cable. It's More Than TV. It's How We Connect." The campaign initially will be focused on the Washington, D.C., market, where NCTA is headquartered and where the government is currently promoting a unified theory of communications over broadband. It will include cable, broadcast, print, outdoor and Web advertising, as well as a microsite and interactive app.

"Cable services provide millions of consumers with instant access to unlimited possibilities. When you watch TV while checking your Twitter feed and talking to a friend on the phone, cable is enabling all of that to happen," NCTA president Michael Powell of the campaign's launch. "But in today's overstimulated media environment sometimes we need to take a step back and remember how this amazing environment is thriving."

The FCC is preparing to release its latest video competition report on just how thriving and competitive it believes the communications space to be.