NCTA: No Regulatory Parity with DSL


The National Cable & Telecommunications Association said Tuesday that
cable operators should not be required to carry multiple Internet-service
providers just because phone companies currently must comply with mandatory
carriage rules.

'Telephone companies are subject to [common-carrier] constraints for a
multitude of reasons related to their unique history, system architecture and
past conduct -- none of which apply to cable,' the NCTA said in comments filed
with the Federal Communications Commission.

The FCC is a few months away from crafting new broadband-regulatory policies.
Consumer groups and broadcasters are among those pressuring the commission to
ensure that cable operators, like phone companies today, allow consumers to
choose their ISP.

But the FCC is controlled by proponents of deregulation, and many analysts
believe chairman Michael Powell will craft rules that require neither cable nor
phone companies to provide broadband access to competing ISPs at regulated
rates, terms and conditions.