NCTA Predicts 10M High-Speed Subs


Hours before the third quarter officially closed, the National Cable &
Telecommunications Association announced that cable-modem subscribers would pass
the 10 million mark.

'Surpassing 10 million high-speed Internet customers is a significant
milestone for the cable industry and reflects continued steady growth in
consumer demand for cable broadband services,' NCTA president and CEO Robert
Sachs said in a prepared statement.

The NCTA has
been tracking and issuing press releases for about a year on cable's
digital-video, modem and telephony growth.

The trade group said cable-modem service is available to more than 75 million
homes, with about two-thirds of those containing computers.

Digital subscriber line is on track to reach about 5
million homes by the third quarter's end.

The cable industry is averaging about 1 million new high-speed subscribers
each quarter, versus some 500,000 for DSL.