NCTA Preps Katrina PSAs


The National Cable & Telecommunications Association will make a series of public-service announcements for hurricane-relief efforts available to cable operators and programmers.

One PSA comes from the American Red Cross and was produced by the Ad Council. Additional PSAs come from USA Freedom Corps, featuring former Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton. Both sets ask Americans to join in the relief effort for those affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Entitled "Minus,” the Red Cross spot will be available in a 30-second version, as well as a :25/:05 customizable form. The USA Freedom Corps PSAs, entitled "Hurricane Relief," can be used as :50/:10, as well as in 30- and 10-second versions.

Uplinks will be available Wednesday and Thursday from 2 p.m.-3 p.m. (EST) at IA-6 C-Band (Intelsat Americas 6, formerly Telstar 6).

For more information, contact the NCTA at 202-775-3629 or Atlantic Video at 202-408-3424.