NCTA Reports Broadband Growth


Digital-cable households numbered 15.2 million at the end of last year,
according to a survey of cable companies released Monday by the National Cable
& Telecommunications Association.

By comparison, direct-broadcast satellite companies DirecTV Inc. and EchoStar
Communications Corp. had roughly 18 million digital satellite customers at the
end of 2001.

In the last quarter of 2001, cable added 1.5 million net new digital-cable

Also in the fourth quarter, cable operators attracted 800,000 net new
high-speed cable-modem customers, bringing the industry's total to 7.2

'Deployment of, and demand for, advanced broadband services continued to
experience strong growth during the fourth quarter of 2001, despite general
economic uncertainties, the bankruptcy of Excite@Home Corp. and the related
conversion of its customers to cable-provisioned networks,' NCTA president
Robert Sachs said in a press release.

After signing 50,000 net new digital-telephone customers in the fourth
quarter, cable companies served 1.5 million telephone customers at the end of
last year.