NCTA Sets National Show Tech Sessions


The National Cable & Telecommunications Association Wednesday announced the selection of 29 leading broadband experts to write the “2005 NCTA Technical Papers.”

The 29 authors will also take part in the technical sessions at the National Show, the NCTA's 54th Annual Convention and International Exposition, which will be held April 3-5 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

The papers will be presented as part of six technical sessions on topics including premise and consumer-electronics issues; wide-area networking; emerging on-demand; digital rights management; and next-generation network architectures.

“This year's authors make up an unparalleled group of technology innovators and thought leaders representing the very best from cable and telecommunications," said Dan Pike, chief technical officer at General Communication Inc. and chair of this year's selection committee, in a prepared statement.

“Our industry is truly putting consumers in control, empowering them to choose the programming and services they want when, where and on which devices they want them,” Pike added. “We're able to do that in large part because of innovations such as those discussed by our authors.”

NCTA senior vice president of science and technology William Check added, “For 45 years, the NCTA Technical Papers have featured the leading minds in the cable and telecommunications industry. This year is no different.”