NCTA Touts Cable’s HD Expansion


A total of 177 of the United States’ 210 TV markets, including all of the top 100 DMAs, can now receive HDTV from their local cable operators, the National Cable & Telecommunications Association said Monday.

The cable-industry trade group added that the number of local digital-broadcast stations being carried by cable systems has risen to 454 from 304 in December 2003, up nearly 50%.

According to the NCTA, of the 108 million current U.S. TV households, 90 million are now passed by cable systems offering HDTV programming, up more than 28% from 70 million in December 2003.

The association added that a total of 17 cable networks currently offer HD fare during some or all of their schedules.

“With 90 million TV homes able to subscribe to HD from their local cable systems, consumers now have a wide array of broadband services to meet their home-entertainment, information and communications needs,” NCTA CEO Robert Sachs said in a prepared statement.

“Consumers are the beneficiaries of this exciting new service that is revolutionizing TV,” he added.