NCTA: Verizon/Google Principles Are Positive Sign

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Comments were flying as fast as unimpeded bits and bytes
Monday after Google and Verizon outlined their meeting of the minds over
network neutrality principles
. They were pretty much divided between industry
players who praised the fact that an agreement had been reached at all but
stopped short of endorsing it, and network neutrality backers who saw it as a
backroom deal to carve up the Internet.

National Cable & Telecommunications Association spokesman
Brian Dietz had no comment on the specifics of the announcement, which included
allowing managed services and not applying most of the principles to wireless
broadband delivery, but he saw the agreement as a signal of a possible wider

"[I]t is a positive sign that two companies with divergent
views on the need for regulation can reach agreement on this complicated set of
issues. We remain focused and committed to exploring a targeted legislative
framework that can be applied more broadly across all industry players. The
Google-Verizon announcement shows that it is possible for compromise and that
we can reach a constructive solution."

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